Women of the ELCA

If you are a woman and a member of Brandon Lutheran church you are a member of WELCA too! Contact the office to get a WELCA Handbook for more specific information on our many ministry activities.

2021 Officers:

Co-Presidents - Cheryl Lundeen & Diane Rollag

Vice President – Lorraine Osheim

Secretary – MarDee Dahlin

Treasurer – Laurie Johnson

Director of Justice – Marlene Kirkeby

Director of Discipleship – Deb Klein

Director of Stewardship – Marlys Byre


Circle Groups:

Small groups that do Bible Study and fellowship. These five “Circles” would welcome your attendance. They meet once a month. Contact the chairman of any circle for more information.

Mary Circle – Meets the third Wednesday of each month at 9:30 (Chairman is Becky Sonju – 582-6810)

Naomi Circle - Meets the third Wednesday of each month at 9:30 (Co-Chairpersons are Marilyn Abraham – 670-2076 & Annette Peterson - 582-7121)

Priscilla Circle - Meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00
(Chairman is Alica Thiele – 582-2506)

Anna Circle - Meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00
(Chairman is Diane Rollag – 360-8669)

Martha Circle - Meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm
(Chairman is Leslee Duncan- 582-7258)



Work Groups

All the women of the church are divided up into 3 Work Units. These units are called upon occasionally to help provide food and workers for funerals or other special occasions. You may only get called once or twice a year – depending on the need. This way all women have a chance to serve and the more active circle members don’t get overloaded with the work load.


May Highlights for WELCA

Circles Meeting in May


May 11 –      Priscilla Circle -  1:00 pm in Martin Luther Room

May 18 -       Mary Circle -  9:30 am in Martin Luther Room

                      Naomi Circle – 9:30 am in Friendship Room

Anna Circle -  1:00 pm in Friendship Room

May 19 - Martha Circle – 7:00 pm in Friendship Room















Circles are simple closed shapes – hard to see where the shape begins or ends.  A “circle” can be small or grow larger without changing it’s original shape or purpose.  How would you define a circle? 

Our Women of the ELCA here at Brandon are also known for our “Circles”.  They are named after famous women in the Bible.  We use Circles to show hospitality, to share, enhance friendships and relationships.  A circle can show equality and strength – upholding each other in love and prayer. 

As opposed to a rectangular shape, a circle gives each person the same view-point and access.  There’s always room to add another person into the circle without changing the dynamics.   Although a “circle” is considered a “closed” shape, we don’t consider our Welca Circles closed.  They are open to all to join and share.  A circle is a group of women who gather for a purpose. Consider becoming a part of our Circles of Bible Study – a place of growing in your faith and relationship with    other faithful women of our church.


Circles generally meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the morning or afternoon.  The evening Circle meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted. 





































Synodical Welca Convention


June 23 and 24, 2022

First Lutheran in Brookings


4 women from our congregation have already signed up!  Cost is $35 until June 1, then the cost is $45.  Be an early bird!!   Information is on the Welca bulletin board.  































Fundraisers help support our Benevolent Budget. Some of the Groups/ Ministres WELCA support are:

Local- within our congregation

                  • Bible campers
                  • BLC Sunday School
                  • Vacation Bible School
                  • Noah’s Ark Preschool
                  • BLC Debt Retirement Fund

Community Giving - (Outside our congregation)

                  • Lutheran Social Services
                  • Church on the Street, SIoux Falls
                  • Bethany Meadows
                  • Noah's Ark Preschool Scholarships
                  • Lutheran World Relief
                  • Lutherans Outdoors in SD and Shetek Lutheran Ministry
                  • Student Ministry Programs at SDSU, USD, Augustana
                  • Family Connection
                  • St Dysmas Prison Ministry
                  • Brandon Valley Food Pantry