Music Ministries at Brandon Lutheran!


We have a variety of music opportunities available at Brandon Lutheran church.  All ages.  All experience levels.  We welcome everyone!


We have traditional, liturgical based worship service at 8:30am on Sunday mornings.  At this service you will hear our pipe organ, piano, choir and bell choir, JuBELLation, perform classic hymns that you know and love.

Our 10:45am Sunday or 6:15pm Wednesday worship services are contemporary based services.  At these services, you will hear our Power of Praise Band play contemporary Christian music with singers, guitar, keyboard, drums and more. 



Music Opportunities


  • Adult Choir -our adult choir meets Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary, September through May.  The choir sings every Sunday at the 8:30 am traditional service.  
  • Adult Hand Bells - our hand bell group, JuBELLation, meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary, and rings at services about once a month throughout the school year. 
  • Brass Ensemble - the Brass Ensemble provides music for Reformation, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter services. 
  • Soloists (vocal or instrumental) - we welcome soloists to either sing or play an instrument during our traditional worship service.
  • Power of Praise Band musicians - if you can play an instrument or sing and like contemporary music, this is perfect for you.


Music Ministry Updates


September, here we come!  We had a lot of great things happen in August.  We had contributions from the Choir, Bell Choir, and other talented people who shared with us.  I am so thankful for all the wonderful people who are willing to share their talents in forms of Worship to our great God!

Lots of exciting things are happening around Brandon Lutheran this fall!  Music Ministries will be resuming their regular rehearsals and additions to Worship starting with their first rehearsals on September 5th.  We are always in need of more people to sing with us in the choir.  If you or someone you know would be a good candidate and would like more information, please email me at or call 582-3401.  All are welcome, and we’d love to have you!

This month I’d like to briefly discuss the “Hymn of the Day” in our services.

To some, this title may seem straightforward, but did you know the Hymn of the Day is the highest, most important hymn of the service?  The Hymn of the Day is the hymn that is always supposed to tie closest to the Lectionary Readings and Sermon. 

As we’ve talked about before, the first and last hymns can have more flexibility in being more of a “general” praise hymn or something that fits the season of the year.  The Hymn of the Day, on the other hand, is always supposed to reinforce the theme of the sermon.  This way, we hear the Holy Scriptures, hear the sermon, and then we repeat words of the same theme in a participatory form of Worship.  St.    Augustine was attributed with once saying, “When you sing, you pray twice.”  What a great way for us to implement this in worship!  We first hear the words God is saying to us, and then we sing (and pray them twice!). 

Next time you are with us at Worship, pay close attention and see if you can see the common themes that tie our spoken and sung liturgies together! 

May God bless you and be with you as we embark on our Fall activities!


Ben Jacobsma





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          Ben Jacobsma, Minister of Music                                                                Will Prines

                     Organist & Pianist                                                                 Contemporary Music Leader

              Choir & Bell Choir Director