BLC Book Club: Red State Christians

Let's talk about faith, politics, and the 45th President! ...wait, where are you going? Just hear me out:

Pastor Angela Denker's book Red State Christians: Understanding the Voters who Elected Donald Trump is a thoughtful and pastoral quest to hear the stories and motivations of people who consider themselves evangelical Christians who voted for a blustery, no-need-of-forgiveness, New Yorker in unprecedented numbers. Maybe you count yourself among them and are thinking, "Hey, she's talking about me! Is this just some biased way to shame me?!" In a word: NO!

This book is work that deeply listens to peoples stories and invites us to consider the perspective of our neighbors. As people of faith we must find ways to listen to our neighbors that we don't agree with and still find ways to love them. Join us for this important conversation!

 REGISTER HERE Small groups begin 10/13!

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Dinners for 7

There is something spiritually powerful in sharing a meal together. Eating is shared experience and once you've shared a meal with someone, you often feel more willing share other parts of your life with them. Dinners for 7 is an opportunity to gather in Jesus name to eat, pray and talk about life. There are no books to read, no homework to complete; just bring yourself, a dish to share, a willingness to share life together. Sign up to attend and/or host HERE